What should I expect at the first visit?

Depending on the reason for your referral and availability of appointments, you will either be scheduled for testing followed by an initial visit with one of our providers or an initial visit. If testing has been scheduled first, the provider will come and talk with the family first before taking your child back for testing. After testing, the provider will come back out with your child and give you a brief update on how the testing went. Results are not provided immediately after testing. Every child will have an initial visit with one of our providers. This visit will encompass many things and is designed to allow families to express all concerns and questions with the provider in addition to allowing the provider to observe and interact with the child. The provider will then formulate a plan of care which may consist of referrals for therapy services, in office testing, genetic screenings, in office screening questionnaires, medication management or other referrals for further services. The initial visit is typically a 90-minute appointment to ensure ample time to assess the needs of each child.

How do you send a portal message for updates or medication refill requests?

New patients will be set up with a patient portal prior to their first visit with a login and password. To send a message or medication refill request, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your patient portal
  2. Click on the “messages” icon at the top of the screen
  3. Click “ask a question.” This is where you will either type out your refill request, question or a detailed message providing an update on your child.
  4. After typing out your message/question, click “send.”
  5. If you have forgotten your password, please click “forgot password,” and you will receive a new email with a link to reset your password.*ALL questions/messages will be answered via your patient portal. It is our policy that we have 72 hours to respond to all messages. To read the response from the provider, follow the same login process listed above. You will then click on “my messages” and be able to click “reply” to send a response.

Portal Messages are only accessible and responded to during open business hours.

Medication refill timeline policy

How to request a refill on your medication?

Via your patient portal: This is the best way to ask for refills and keep in touch with your child’s team regarding their medication. Remember it may take up to 2 ESDC business days before you hear a response. Plan ahead.

(To sign up for the patient portal, call the front desk at 251.625.2400. They will walk you through how to set this up if your password has been forgotten.)

At your office visit:  Ask your provider to give your child enough medication to last you until your next scheduled appointment. Remember to schedule your next appointment when checking out.

 A note about prior authorizations… If your insurance company requires a prior authorization (PA) when you pick up/request your prescription, ask your pharmacy to fax the PA information to 251.625.2800. This is your responsibility to find out from your pharmacy if one is needed before your child’s medication runs out.

Our office will handle the rest and contact you and the pharmacy once we hear from your insurance company about approval or rejection. Prior authorizations can take up to 10 days to process. If you are still waiting and need the medications before we receive an answer, you can often pay out of pocket and your insurance company can reimburse you if the PA is approved.

Remember we are CLOSED Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so planning ahead is essential.

ADHD Medication Prescription Policy

Please reference to this document under “Patients” listed as the “ADHD Medication Prescription Policy”

Directions to the clinic

Please view the map on our contact page to obtain directions from your current location or call our office at 251.625.2400 to obtain directions.

How do I get my child an appointment?

For new patients, Eastern Shore Developmental Clinic has a referral form that can be completed and either faxed to our office or dropped off at our front desk before an appointment can be scheduled. You may access this form under physicians on our website. The referral form does not have to come from your Primary Care Physician but you may be asked to sign a release of records for us to obtain last visit notes with your primary care physician to gain more information about your child’s needs. Once the referral has been received, it will go through our review process and be determined which of the five clinics will be utilized during treatment.

For current patients, you may send a portal message to our staff or call our office at 251.625.2400.

What services are provided at your clinic and what are the age ranges?

We provide developmental testing for children from birth to 12 years of age. We also provide medication management for various developmental disorders such as autism, ADHD and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Your first visit is the starting point of the process.

We have five in clinics your child may be approved for:

Autism Evaluation Clinic: Assessments for children who are suspected of having an autism spectrum disorder and have NEVER been diagnosed before. Ages 16 months to 9 years.

General Pediatric Developmental Clinic: Assessments for children who have or are at risk of developmental delays in areas such as communication, adaptive behavior, cognition, social skills or motor functioning. Ages birth to 9 years.

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): Assessments for determining the presence of ADHD in children. Ages 4-9 years.

Pediatric Medication Clinic: Provides medication management for children who have a confirmed diagnosis of a neurodevelopmental disorder. Confirmed ASD evaluation or other neurodevelopmental disorder records must be sent. Limited availability for this clinic. Ages 2-10 years.

Pediatric Mental Health Clinic: Assessments of pediatric patients with mental health concerns or co-morbid mental health issues such as anxiety or depression. Ages 3-9 years. Limited appointments available with limited days of the week.

What insurances do you accept?

We accept Alabama Medicaid, Alabama Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tricare, Cigna and United Health Care.

How is your office handling COVID-19?

COVID-19 Message

At ESDC we are committed to providing expert care—safely and effectively. We are offering convenient virtual visits so you can see your provider from home. We have taken unprecedented steps to ensure your in-person visits are welcoming and safe. Please call our office to determine the care that is best for you.

How do I pay my bill online?

See this link.

How do I request medical records?

Sign the Medical Record Release Form.

What is your timeline on sending medical records?

Up to two weeks from the date that the Medical Record Request Form is filled out.

Is there an additional charge for a provider to complete any outside forms?

Yes, there is an additional $10 flat fee for any forms that a provider is requested to complete exceeding two pages.

Will the provider write a letter to my attorney?

This can be discussed during your child’s visit and is at the discretion of the provider. This service is not covered by your insurance.